•   Walk through Gates
  •   Watchman Clocks
  •   Metal Detectors
  •   Alarm System
  •   Mirror Trolleys
  •   CCTV
  •   Access System

OREL is authorized by Ministry of Communication to make use of wireless communication. Our Communication Network operates throughout the area of operations. All our mobiles are equipped with Mobile Radios and security personnel are equipped with hand held radios.

In addition to our use of sophisticated accountability and communication systems, our personnel's monitor and react to numerous security calls on behalf of clients.

Company is authorized by Wireless Control Board to operate Wireless Communication.

  •   License No. W-6-22/96
  •   Dated 28/08/1997
  •   Operating Frequency 138.550 MHZ

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Corporate Office
  • 17 – C, Sunset Lane # 4, Phase – II (Extn), D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan. K-06978-1685 Joint Stock Companies, Karachi. Pakistan
  • 92-21-35894580, 92-21-35895006
  • 92-21-35882741
  • orel_1000@yahoo.com , info@orelsecurity.com , info@orelsecurity.com.pk